Change Of Practice

«Change is not made without inconvenience, even from worse to better. »

Changing established behavior of any kind is difficult. It is particularly challenging in healthcare because of the complex relationships between a wide range of organizations, professionals, patients and carers.

Within the next years, the committee members of MGUF will help their members to change from being a solo practitioner to merging with another urology group to make a multispecialty group. The forum will do this, in part, to position itself to take part in the accountable urology organizations we presume are coming and to align ourselves with the major scientific societies.

It also opens up ancillary revenues that weren't available to us before; to be able to improve our knowledge and skills based on the size of our group, as we believe that combining into a bigger group would help us pool resources to deal with compliance issues and to spread the knowledge, skills and technology over a larger number of our members.

How to change practice:

This forum aims to help urologists influence changes in practice and to help get our own guidance into practice.

The forum will work into different parts:

Understand, identify and overcome barriers to change

Part 1: understand and discusses the types of barriers to change encountered in urology practice in each locality.

Part 2: offers practical suggestions for how to identify the barriers to changes in your organization.

Part 3: shows how to overcome these barriers, and highlights potential devices to help urologists to do this.

Real life examples are provided illustrating how the methods described have brought about positive changes in a range of circumstances.

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