Vision & Mission


Urology remains one of the most competitive surgical subspecialties. For this reason, A competitive urologist is made up of many details, including knowledge, skills and attitude. Knowledge including the guidelines can be obtained from different foundations. In order to maximize your chance to improve your skills, the Mediterranean and Gulf urological forum discuss something important to you, and dig deep into what you learned from the experience and how it made you a better performer individual.


Experience exchange especially in points of controversy through meeting of experts from different neighborhood localities to share together different skills and expressing diverse management protocols towards same urologic problem.


Our vision and mission will be realized through:

1- Online open free access to all members to communicate and exchange their experience by representing difficult and rare cases.
2- Annual meeting gathering all interested to participate in controversy topics through debate sessions, round table discussions or point and counterpoint presentations.
3- For more specific details in some subspecialties, a small group discussion will be available for those who will be interested.
4- The forum will encourage other related specialties to participate strongly in all activities e.g. intervention radiology, medical oncology, nephrology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, pediatric surgery and gynecology.

MGUF Events